People tend to forget the single leaf that blows in the wind, it’s uniqueness lost amongst a crowd. Never lose who you are in the search to find yourself. Everything about you is special, you were given the chance of life while many weren’t, live for those who have had it snatched from the grasps … More Inspiration

My Bucket List

This is my Bucket List that I have compiled over the years, some of the items are crossed off already, I will be making a separate page so you can keep up with what Items I have crossed off I will also be attaching links to any blog post I have about crossing off an item … More My Bucket List


I remember when I first got into skateboarding, many years back playing Tony Hawk Pro skater on a system that is now considered ancient to this generation, Nintendo 64. You’re probably asking yourself what the hell is this blue box shaped thing? this is what we used to have to deal with back in the … More Skateboarding


Earlier this year I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium it was more of a layover on my transition from Paris to Amsterdam, but I took the opportunity to explore a new city and even crossed an item off of my bucket list! Bucket list Item #56 eat a waffle in Belgium ✅ View this … More Brussels